What it is:
QOD BB CREAM is a multi-action hair treatment, with regenerative properties for the hair fiber, providing moisture, softness and incredible shine.

What it does:
QOD BB CREAM is a leave-in treatment, enriched with vegetable proteins, which protect hair from UV damage. It also contains coconut and sunflower oils, to regenerate/preserve hair color, and flaxseed oil, with a high concentration of Omega-3, for improved malleability and anti-aging effect. Its smooth and highly conditioning consistency has immediate and cumulative action.

10 Benefits Resume:
1- Vegetable butter for UV damage protection and hair color preservation;
2- Shine and softness, thanks to volatile silicone fluids;
3- Avocado oil, containing vitamins and lipids, which promote antioxidant action;
4- Coconut and sunflower oils, containing essential fatty acids, which are natural hair cuticle components, for hair strength;
5- Olive and Argan oils, which contain vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant against hair aging, caused by thermal, chemical and mechanical processes;
6- Flaxseed oil containing Omega-3, for hair moisture;
7- Macadamia oil for improved hair malleability;
8- Amino-functional silicone, which repairs damaged hair;
9- Hydrolyzed wheat protein, for hair mass restoration;
10- High molecular weight silicone, for anti-frizz effect.
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Apply 20g of QOD BB CREAM to damp hair. Reapply product, if necessary. Do not rinse off. Style hair as usual.

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