What it is: 

QOD MAX ORGANIQ 1000ML is a brazilian keratin treatment, composed of cocoa extract and chocolate fragrance.

What it does: 

QOD MAX ORGANIQ 1000ML is a high performance treatment, which enables a temporary change in hair structure, giving hair straight effect. Based on cocoa extract and presenting a delicious chocolate fragrance, it is also composed of amino acids, proteins and oils form amazon seeds. Its composition ensures unique hair penetration, which guarantees a long-lasting reduced volume, frizz reduction, natural-looking hair, gloss and movement. The red Brazilian keratin is formaldehyde and aldehyde-free, which means it is not harmful to health.


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  1. QOD Original Cleanse Shampoo 1000ml
  2. QOD Max Organiq 1000ml


  1. 1- Wash hair with QOD ORIGINAL CLEANSE. Repeat the process for a better performance; 
  2. 2- Remove all humidity from hair with the help of a blow dryer; 
  3. 3- After your hair is dry, put QOD MAX ORGANIQ into a small container. Apply the product to locks with the help of a dyeing brush. Use a fine tooth comb to better spread the product along hair fiber; 
  4. 4- Wait 10 minutes with the product applied on hair; 
  5. 5- After the pause, begin the straightening process through all hair (Hot blow dryer + brush); 
  6. 6- Immediately after that, finish the hair with a ceramic flat iron (200ºC/392ºF), lock by lock;. 
  7. 7- Wait for 5 minutes; 
  8. 8- Remove product with QOD after shampoo, and then apply QOD after conditioner; 
  9. 9- Remove the excess water with a towel and dry hair with a blow dryer. 
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QOD comments: 

QOD has a range of brazilian keratin treatments, and all are based in a deep hair treatment with straight effect. Below our main difference among them:

  • QOD max organiq/red organiq - 40% deep hair treatment 60% straight effect
  • QOD gold organiq - 50% deep hair treatment 50% straight effect
  • QOD max silver - 30% deep hair treatment 70% straight effect + color protect agents (no color faded)

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