What it is: 
Qod Max Silver is a Brazilian Keratin Treatment, containing an advanced formula for straight hair effect.

What it does:
QOD MAX SILVER’S improved formula was developed with key ingredients, like a blend of acid proteins that guarantee straight effect and unique shine, resulting in an incomparable hair treatment. Its violet pigment protect blonds, blanched and highlighted hairs avoiding the color fading and the yellowish effect.

*QOD Max Silver and QOD Original Cleanse Shampoo now available in redesigned packages!

QOD produces Organic Brazilian Keratin Treatments, what it means? Formaldehyde free smoothing treatments. What makes hair straight? The combination between acid pH and a blend of vegetable proteins softens the natural fibers that form hair. Also, the heat contact (termo-activated memory) promotes realignment, volume reduction, instant shine and 0% frizz – straight effect.

Advantages of our keratins:
- easy application (rinse before ironing hair which means no smoke effect or steam coming from hair);
- being organic you will not ​suffer from allergic reactions such as eye watering and redness on eyes;
- compatible with any chemical treatment;
- no hair color fad​ing​;
- reduce 90% blow dry time after treatment;
​- QOD was​ the​ pioneer ​in ​the manufacturing of organic keratins and nowadays we ship our goods to 56 countries around the world which bring us know-how and knowledge on cosmetic trends;
- QOD is the biggest cosmetic factory exporter in south Brazil;

*QOD Max Silver now available in redesigned packages!
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01 QOD Max Silver 1000ml
01 QOD Original Cleanse Shampoo 1000ml


  1. 1- Wash hair twice with QOD Original Cleanse and dry hair enough to remove 80% of water.
  2. 2- Part hair in sections. Apply QOD Max Silver with a color brush, section by section, ¼ inch from the root.
  3. 3- Let it sit according to the type/history of hair (from 20 minutes for fine, wavy hair to 50 minutes for thick, coarse tight curls.
  4. 4- Rinse hair off with warm water. Blow dry and section hair for flat iron (230 celsius).
  5. *Wait 48 hours for first wash.

    QOD has a wide range of brazilian keratin treatments, based in a deep hair treatment with straight effect. Below the differences between QOD Brazilian keratin treatments:

    • QOD Max Organiq – 40% deep hair treatment, 60% straight effect.
    • QOD Gold Organiq – 50% deep hair treatment, 50% straight effect.
    • QOD Max Silver - 30% deep hair treatment, 70% straight effect + color protection agents (no color faded).

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This product works perfectly on blonde hairs

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Works perfect on blonde hair esp the clarifying shampoo cleanses everything in the hair.

Review by Kazim Yuksel, Posted on 3/15/16
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2 Review(s)
Kazim Yuksel
March 15, 2016
This product works perfectly on blonde hairs
Works perfect on blonde hair esp the clarifying shampoo cleanses everything in the hair.

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