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What it is: 

Deep hair treatment most called hair botox. It is featured for frizz control and hair protein replacement.. The QOD hair botox is a 25 minutes treatment in 3 steps.

 What it does:

QOD thermy 1 

In 1000ml bottle it bring as main ingredient the palma oil and noz de karité, both extracted from african forest. These ingredients have omega 6, fatty acids, natural sunscreen, triterpenes and hydrocarbons. The combination of these ingredients brings to QOD thermy 1 high regeneration and moisturizing power, regenerating the natural hair strand weight, disciplining hair and eliminating frizz while recover shine and smoothness.

QOD thermy 2

In 1000ml bottle the second step mix as main ingredients phospholipids and argan oil. The phospholipids forming a lipid membrane when in contact with water that holds the argan oil nutrients and anti-oxidants between hair cuticles, which guarantee a deep and effective treatment to hair strand.

QOD thermy spray

Is an anti-frizz spray to apply before using the blow dryer or flat iron. It protects your hair from heat, providing brightness and smoothness. For a long-lasting straight effect. Anti-frizz effect.


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How to use:  

  1. Wash hair with QOD original cleanse twice. 
  2. Towel dry the excess of water. 
  3. Reserve 25g of QOD thermy 1. Divide the hair into small sections and distribute the QOD thermy 1 evenly through towel-dried hair. 
  4. Pause 7 minutes under heat. 
  5. Reserve 25g of QOD thermy 2 to apply over the QOD thermy 1 also dividing hair into small sections and applying evenly along of hair strand. Pause 7 minutes under heat. 
  6. Rinse and smooth blow dry modeling as usual with QOD thermy protective fluid for pre-straightening


External use only, keep out of the reach of children, in case of eye contact wash with plenty of water.

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